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Struggling-Teens.com is a resource for parents of defiant youth, troubled teenagers, or rebellious teens. We offer articles and statistics on teen behavior as well as options for teen help. We give parents the necessary tools to help their teen overcome the pressures and challenges of adolescence today. We offer info on treatment options such as specialty boarding school, military schools, outdoor wilderness therapy, and residential treatment centers for teens.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools
What are therapeutic boarding schools? This article defines the difference between therapeutic boarding schools and other options for struggling teens and troubled youth. Keep reading for advantages of therapeutic boarding schools and if this is the best treatment option for your teen.
Substance Abuse Counselors
Teens with an addiction to drugs, tobacco, or alcohol can benefit from seeing a substance abuse counselor. These counselors can help teens deal with the many issues that are connected to substance abuse. Keep reading for tips on substance abuse counseling.
Wilderness Programs
Wilderness programs are a type of residential therapeutic facility.  Wildernesss programs are designed to help young people who are struggling with a variety of issues make a fresh start in a new direction. This article provides some background on wilderness programs.
This NATSAP review offers information on the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs for parents who are looking for resources to help their struggling teen. NATSAP can help you find the right boarding school, wilderness program, residential treatment facility, and more.