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Struggling-Teens.com is a resource for parents of defiant youth, troubled teenagers, or rebellious teens. We offer articles and statistics on teen behavior as well as options for teen help. We give parents the necessary tools to help their teen overcome the pressures and challenges of adolescence today. We offer info on treatment options such as specialty boarding school, military schools, outdoor wilderness therapy, and residential treatment centers for teens.

Teen Military Schools
Teen military schools are secondary school military academies or military prep schools, as opposed to higher education military academies or Federal Service Academies. To learn more about both private and public teen military schools, read on.
Biblical Counseling
There are many different types of counsellors that offer all kinds of counseling. If you are looking for a Christian based counselor, or biblical counseling, for your struggling teen keep reading. This article helps define bibilical counseling and offers tips on choosing a counselor.
Weight Loss Camps
Weight loss camps may be an alternative for struggling teens. Teens may be struggling in school, emotionally, or socially due to being overweight. Weight loss camps provide an opportunity for overweight teens to lose weight in a more controlled and positive environment.
Independent Educational Consultants Association - IECA Review
This Independent Educational Consultants Association - IECA Review offers a review of the IECA organizaition that specializes in educational consulting. The review offers information to parents on seeking educational consulting for a struggling teen.