Therapeutic Boarding Schools

What are therapeutic boarding schools? This article defines the difference between therapeutic boarding schools and other options for struggling teens and troubled youth. Keep reading for advantages of therapeutic boarding schools and if this is the best treatment option for your teen.

There are cases in which troubled teens become so out of control, and so destructive to themselves and the family, that it becomes necessary to remove them from the current environment. When trying to help teenagers modify their severe problems locally fails, therapeutic boarding schools can help provide the answer in some cases.

What are therapeutic boarding schools?

Therapeutic boarding schools take the academic tradition of boarding schools and ad therapeutic interventions. The idea is to help teens get the help they need to make long term behavior modifications while still providing them with an education. Many teenagers who participate in these programs go for an entire school year. This provides them with a grade level education while they work with counselors and others to learn how to cope with their issues and improve their behavior and outlook on life.

Most therapeutic boarding schools are designed for high school students. However, there are programs for middle school students, and even some programs for those who are older - up to 24 years old. For the most part, though, these boarding schools are meant for teenagers who are having severe problems while in high school.

These boarding schools are usually very structured. There are academic classes, time for physical activity, meals, sleep times and even carefully monitored field trips. Therapeutic boarding schools also include time for therapy, in the form of group and individual counseling. Many of these schools are located in areas that allow students the opportunity to interact with nature, and enjoy physical activity, since these things have been shown to provide an outlet for troubled persons of various ages.

Additionally, there are some programs that include animal therapy, allowing the teenagers to work with dogs, rabbits and/or horses. These activities can help inspire kindness in troubled teens. Many programs also included teaching teens techniques to relax and calm themselves, including meditation, deep breathing, visualization and even yoga. The idea is to give teenagers tools to help them learn how to better cope with the stresses of life.

Advantages of therapeutic boarding schools

While these programs are not for every troubled teenager, there are some advantages of therapeutic boarding schools. Some of the benefits include:

  • Professional staff to help counsel students and aid in behavior modification.
  • Constant supervision for teenagers who made need extra watching.
  • Getting your teen out of the current environment, and away from peer influences that might be causing problems.
  • Individual attention that can help teenagers that need extra help.
  • Counseling and programs to help teens overcome substance abuse problems.
  • A place where teens can go and share similar experiences with those who understand what they are going through.

There are therapeutic boarding schools that are aimed at helping teenagers with specific problems. If your teen has specific issues, such as substance abuse, severe ADHD, autism, OCD, depression or severe behavioral problems, there are different schools aimed at addressing these issues and helping teenagers cope.

Deciding to place your child at one of these therapeutic boarding schools can be a difficult decision. However, in some cases, this can be the best solution. Many teenagers make more permanent changes after a long term program that helps them develop new, more positive habits. Just make sure that you are careful in choosing the right boarding school. Look for professional staff, proper certifications and even programs that have follow-up programs to help monitor your child after she or he leaves the boarding school.

In the end, you want what is best for your child. And it might be that a therapeutic boarding school can provide a place where she or he can learn to thrive.

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