Schools for Pregnant Teens

Traditional public high school provides unique challenges for pregnant teenagers. Some states have specialty schools for pregnant teens or there are private schools and residential treatment facilities specializing in pregnancy. Read this article to learn about your education options.

One of the biggest challenges faced by pregnant teens is finishing an education. Indeed, many teenagers who become pregnant find a number of pressures that keep them from finishing high school. First of all, there is the difficulty involved with attending class as a pregnant teen. The physical changes to the body can make getting to school on time difficult, and the sickness and occasional complications that come with pregnancy can make class seem like a low priority. These issues only become more pronounced after the baby is born. Finishing school as a mom has a number of challenges.  Additionally, many students feel a stigma attached with teen pregnancy, and may be reluctant to brave school and the judgment they see there.

However, school is important for pregnant teens. If a teen mother hopes to someday provide for her child, and hopes to develop skills that will lead to some degree of independence, a high school education is necessary. Indeed, a high school education is often necessary for the jobs required to help provide the requirements of life. When a pregnant teenager stops to think about it, she should realize that finishing high school is vital if she wants to provide for herself and her baby.

High schools for pregnant teens

Instead of attending a more traditional school, there is usually the opportunity for pregnant teens to attend special programs tailored to fit their needs. High schools for pregnant teens can be public or private. In some cases, these programs are simply special classes and special allowances in a regular high school. Some high schools also provide special daycare services for teen mothers who want to finish their diplomas after they have their babies.

Other schools for pregnant teens are actually separate schools. These schools might be public or public charter schools aimed at providing teenagers an environment in which they can be comfortable with others who understand them. These schools are often small, and heavily emphasize parenting techniques, home skills and vocational training as a way for teenagers to be able to better care for themselves and their infants later on.

There are also private schools for pregnant teens. These private schools do not receive public funding. Girls might pay tuition, or funding might be provided by donors interested in helping these pregnant teenagers complete their education. While many of these private schools also make it a point to teach parenting skills and household skills (budgeting, shopping, cooking, etc.), they may also provide opportunities for college prep. While there is a wide assumption that pregnant teens and teenage mothers will not go on to college, this is becoming less true. Some private schools make it a point to provide some daycare services and teach college prep courses that can help pregnant teens as they head to college.

Another option is that some pregnant teens can take advantage of concurrent enrollment. These programs are available to more traditional high school students as well. With concurrent enrollment, it is possible for high school students to earn college credit while they work toward a high school diploma. Community programs can also allow them to attend school in the evening, when friends or family can watch the baby.

Other programs for pregnant teens

A high school set up is not the only way for teenagers to obtain the information and skills they might need. There are also residential facilities for pregnant teens. These programs offer a place for pregnant teenagers to live while they finish their high school education. These facilities can provide basic medical services to pregnant teenagers and, later, to their newborns. The idea is to provide a safe environment so that pregnant teens can care for themselves and learn the skills they need to properly care for their children when they are born.

There are a number of different programs and schools for pregnant teens, and it is a good idea to see what is available and what would work best for a pregnant teen in your life. It might be the thing that makes the difference between a life of scrambling poverty for a pregnant teenager and her child, and a life in which a baby receives what he or she needs.

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