Independent Educational Consultants Association - IECA Review

This Independent Educational Consultants Association - IECA Review offers a review of the IECA organizaition that specializes in educational consulting. The review offers information to parents on seeking educational consulting for a struggling teen.

What Is IECA?

The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), founded in 1976, is a professional organization for educational consultants in private practice who help families with students placements of the following types:

  • undergraduate programs at colleges and universities
  • graduate and professional school programs
  • private and independent day and boarding schools
  • schools and other programs for students with special needs
  • international placements
  • summer school programs

What Are IECA Member Qualification Requirements?

In order to ensure that its members meet professional standards, those educational consultants who wish to join IECA must have been awarded a master's degree, a minimum of three year's of admissions counseling, experience guiding a specified number of students, and a large number of campus visits, with around 35 additional visits undertaken annually.

IECA also has ethical guidelines for its members, meant to guide their behavior and actions in relation to students and their families; colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and other programs that they may work with; and colleagues. A document called "Principles of Good Practice" provides consultants and anyone interested in hiring an educational consultant know what is expected of affiliates of IECA.

Tenets of the Principles of Good Practice address:

  • consultants' competence and how it is to be maintained
  • avoiding conflicts of interest
  • relationships with students and their families, with explicit instructions that no part of a student's application essay may be completed by the consultant
  • relationships with schools, colleges, universities, and other programs
  • relationships with colleagues, both other educational consultants and vendors of client services
  • public statements, including advertising

IECA has an application process through which it vets consultants, who are then entered into its database so you can find them through the IECA website "Find a Consultant" feature located here: The search allows you to find consultants by name, or by a combination of criteria for the consultant's specialty and the state, region, or country in which you wish to find a consultant.

IECA Educational Materials for Families Seeking a Consultant

Whether or not you plan to engage an IECA consultant, their downloadable documents for families, specifically "12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Educational Consultant" and "12 Warning Signs that a Consultant is Not Worth Hiring" may provide you with valuable information.

The first helps families to distinguish competent, ethical educational consultants, with questions about admissions guarantees (which should never be offered), fees, experience, training, and professionalism.

The second helps families to identify behaviors and comments that may signal that an educational consultant is not completely qualified or ethical.

IECA Educational Materials for Different Types of Schools and Programs

In the website section of the menu titled "Info for Parents & Students," IECA offers information pages to let parents know what to expect of an educational consultant for each of the following types of programs:

  • College & Graduate School
  • Day & Boarding School
  • Behavioral/Emotional Needs
  • International Studies
  • Learning Disabilities


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